ADHD For Children


Information for Kidswith ADHD


If you have ADHD you may have to find different ways to learn and hold on to the information. 


What is ADHD and how can I treat it?


The short answer is – MANY WAYS. Here are the basics about ADHD and SOME ofits treatments. Every day there are new options.


General Information about the Brain:

If you think that you need a bit more general information about how the brain works in order to understand how yours works? These links might help:



Homework and  ADHD  

We all learn differently, and that’s what makes us unique. ADHD can make learning a challenge. Your job is to figure out what works best for you.


What does hyperactive mean?

Having trouble sitting still in class while the teacher talks on and on? Do your friends accuse you of always interrupting them? Find out what is going on inside you that might cause this type of behavior.