Robert Ludlow

 Vote for Robert Ludlow

Do you want a candidate who….

  • Gives three small snack breaks
  • A study hall
  • Extracurricular related arts
  • No homework so there’s more time for arts

If you agree with some or all of the things Ludlow says keep reading.











Text Box: Ludlow says no homework. Since he also says no related arts, this works out.
You won’t have to do homework; instead you will be able to do the related arts you missed in school.
If you don’t agree with the no homework rule, you can read a book after the sport. To add, Ludlow agrees with Smith on focusing on core subjects during the day, but Ludlow gives you the time to have extracurricular activities.
Text Box: Smith says to add one hour of school for resting time, but you could rest home.
Why rest at school?
To add, Smith wants to have extracurricular activities afterschool just like Ludlow. The only difference is that Ludlow doesn’t have homework, so one can focus on the activities.





                                                            And remember…….

“The Liberty Party gives more freedom than the Freedom Party”


“Anything they can do, I can do better”




                                     - Robert Ludlow