Volunteer Information

The School Administration encourages each family to contribute their time for the betterment of the school. Parental involvement enriches our students and gives the Principal and the faculty the support they need to provide a quality education in a safe, peaceful environment. While we encourage as many parents as possible to seek Virtus training, there are many opportunities to serve the school that do not require this clearance.

Note to All Parents
If you intend to serve in the school in any capacity where you will be supervising or have substantial contact with children (e.g., recess duty, chaperoning field trips, coaching), you will need to complete the following four steps:

1. Archdiocesan Training Class
Protecting God's Children is the mandatory child protection training for all Archdiocese of Washington (ADW) volunteers who have substantial contact with children. A volunteer must first register to attend an ADW Child Protection Class. By registering to attend this class you are creating an account in the ADW database which will be used in the completion of the next three steps. View Available Sessions and Sign up for ADW Child Protection Training.

2. Archdiocese Volunteer Application

An ADW Volunteer Application Form must be completed and submitted to the school office. Once received by the school, the Principal must approve the form and Mrs. Moriarty will then record its receipt in the ADW volunteer database.
3. Electronic Background Check
Once the volunteer application has been approved and recorded, Mrs. Moriarty will contact the volunteer and schedule a time for them to come to the school to complete the electronic background check. Volunteers must bring two forms of government issued identification (at least one of which must be a photo ID) and a check payable to Mother of God School in the amount of $13.50 to their appointment with Mrs. Moriarty.

4. Child Protection Policy Acknowledgement
Upon completion of the training class in Step #1, volunteers are given a small policy booklet to take home and read. The acknowledgement page from this booklet (page 58) must be signed and returned to Mrs. Moriarty when you have concluded reading this booklet.

Volunteering may not begin until you have completed the preceding four steps. If you have a question about your clearance, please contact our Child Protection Coordinator, Mrs. Mary Moriarty, at 301-990-2088 x12. Mrs. Moriarty will also contact you when your attendance at a training session has been confirmed by the Archdiocese and when your electronic background screening has been completed.

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