School Board
The Mother of God School Board of Directors (MOG School Board) has full authority and responsibility for the management, operation and financial integrity of the school.

The Corporate Members are the six elected members comprising the Council of Mother of God Community, sponsors of the school.  The Corporate Members have reserved powers pertaining to the legal, financial, sponsorship and ownership responsibilities of the corporation; and the mission statement of the school.

School Board Directors are appointed by the Corporate Members.  The School Board Directors include:
  • A representative of a local Catholic Parish
  • A representative of the Parents Association of the MOG School.
  • No fewer than five additional parents of children currently attending the school.
  • Other members who are knowledgeable of the goals of Catholic education.
  • No more than six corporate members.
There are to be at least 11 Directors and no more than 19 Directors at any given time.

The School Board normally meets at least eight times a year, usually on the second Wednesday of the month.

  • Mr. John Farrell - Chairman
  • Mr. Geoffrey Akame, School Parent
  • Mrs. Luz Alession-Bunnell, School Parent
  • Mrs. Katherine Bielski, School Parent
  • Mrs. Dawn Glennon, Corporate Member 
  • Mr. Bob McCambridge, Corporate Member
  • Deacon McCann, St. Francis of Assisi Parish
  • Mr. Hall Miller, President/Principal
  • Ms. Lisa Nueslein, St. Paul's Parish, Damascus
  • Fr. Joseph Rogers, Pastor of St. John Neumann Parish
  • Mr. Tom Singer, Corporate Member
  • Ms. Sonia Vargas, Corporate Member