How not to use colors and fonts
This is a webpage
that demonstrates
how not to use
colors and fonts
because though
it may look kinda cool
it confuses the eye
  • here's a list
  • of things to do
  • which one is
  • the most important
  • thing to do?
  • how can you tell?

You should avoid run-on paragraphs and sentences because they look intimidating and people shay away from reading them.  When you send an email or writing on a website you are not having a conversation with someone, nor are they reading a book.  You want to convey information quickly, easily, and effectively.  Paragraphs are intended to convey ideas and concepts, they are not so easily suited to presenting information concisely and clearly.  Now, if you are trying to explain something to someone or give them bad news, writing in prose can be a way to smooth the impact of what you are saying.  But it is good practice to always deliver difficult or bad news in person rather than via email because you can show your support for the person while still being candid and honest with them.